Traditions of tenure- interdisciplinary approaches to the collective exploitation of natural resources

MCH seminar with Dr. Susan Oosthuizen

23.05.2017 | Mia Korsbæk

Dato fre 26 maj
Tid 10:00 11:30
Sted Moesgaard, room 4206-121

This seminar explores anthropological, historical, economic, environmental and archaeological perspectives to discuss collective rights of property across the longue durée. The question at its heart is: what can reasonably be inferred about the detailed structure and workings of social-ecological systems when archaeologists describe tenure in areas of natural resource as ‘shared’ between or ‘common’ among individuals and/or communities? Building on interdisciplinary perspectives it explores the implications for (a) the practicalities of social relations, and (b) everyday aspects of land management. It concludes by suggesting that the study of traditions of collective tenure offers the possibility for developing complex explanations for the interplay between dynamic social systems and environmental sustainability across long periods of archaeological time.



Dr. Susan Oosthuizen, University of Cambridge, is currently spearheading the discussions of traditions of common land governance in prehistoric and early medieval Europe and in particular how transformation of traditions and collective rights over agricultural property effects cultural change.

Arts, Arkæologi, Materials, Culture and Heritage
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