Ask questions about Arts, Aarhus and Denmark

Are you thinking about studying at Aarhus University? We know that there are many questions and concerns when making such a big decision.

For example, is campus life different from what I know? Can I expect the same teacher-student relationship I know from my home country? What are the costs of accomodation and living expenses?

This student-to-student forum provides you with the opportunity to ask questions about the Faculty of Arts and about Aarhus in general to another international student who now lives and studies in Aarhus. Here, you have the opportunity to clarify differences and similarities and share your thoughts and concerns about leaving home to study in Denmark. The students are happy to help you along the way and will answer most of your practical questions.

Please note that all queries concerning formal rules, requirements and admission should be directed to the international admissions office at

AU international student ambassadors at Arts



Study area


Tong Tian International Studies

Czech Republic 

Anna Svagrova International Studies
Czech Republic Sylva Eretova
European Studies
France Elisa Boutteaud European studies
Germany Josefine Greber Human Security
Great Britain Mark D´Sa Prehistoric archaeology
Italy Chiara Peccini Philosophy
Lithuania Aukse Jurkeviciute Human Security
Lithuania Ruta Petrosiute European Studies
Netherlands Eline Koopman Human Security
Norway Solveig Standal Skåravik European Studies
Pakistan Shazia Anwer Cognitive Semiotics
Romania Emilia Cristina Costea European Studies
Singapore Stanley Koh International Studies
Slovakia Veronika Barankova European Studies
Turkey Zehra Pinar Uygurer European Studies
USA Erica Cavanaugh International Studies

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