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Please feel free to contact us if your company og organization wishes to discuss opportunities for collaborating with researchers from the Faculty of Arts at Aarhus University.

Culture, society, religion:

Signe A. E. Larsen

Research Consultant School of Culture and Society - Culture and Society, School secretariat
H 1467, 428
P +4587162816
P +4527576088

Educational theory and practice and educational research:

Henrik Nitschke

Research Consultant Danish School of Education - Secretariat, Emdrup
H D, 325
P +4587163567
P +4526300402

Aesthetics, languages, it, media:

Pernille Roholt

Special Consultant School of Communication and Culture - CC's Management Secretariat
H 1580, 316
P +4587163005
P +4593508983

Advisor for business collaboration

Katrine Solvang Larsen

Special Advisor
H 1431, 218
P +4540873919