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Profile | Faculty of Arts

Based in the second-largest city in Denmark, Aarhus University is a comprehensive, research-intensive and globally oriented university. The Faculty of Arts is one of four faculties here. With a research staff of almost 800, it is among the largest faculties in Northern Europe for research and teaching within the field of cultural and social practices.

The faculty og Arts is organised in three schools and 24 departments, and our research ranges from theology, archaeology, classical humanities, languages, area studies and information studies to education science: 

The faculty conducts 35 Bachelor’s degree programmes and 59 Master’s degree programmes including a large number of electives, as well as running a graduate school which is responsible for PhD degrees. A number of full degree programmes and electives are taught in English. A vibrant student life and learning environment meets you at our campuses in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

The faculty is an active partner in international partnerships with other universities. In Denmark we collaborate with a number of external partners such as museums, local regional government and private enterprises.