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A good study environment

According to a comprehensive survey conducted on the study environment at Aarhus University in 2014, eighty-six per cent of all students at Arts feel very satisfied with the academic and social climate of their degree programmes.

Students at Arts have every opportunity to become active participants in the faculty’s study environment and to get involved in student societies and associations or in student politics, to attend Friday bars and join the sports clubs. And everything indicates that getting involved is a good idea. In the survey, students have rated belonging to an academic community centred on their field of study as a particularly important factor in ensuring their well-being, along with good relations with fellow students, accessible, helpful lecturers and well-planned courses of study.

Campus Aarhus and Campus Emdrup

Arts offers study programmes at two campusses: Campus Aarhus - along with the rest of Aarhus University - and Campus Emdrup, north of Copenhagen.

Kristoffer Lolk Andersen
student of educational science 
There is no one way of being a student here. All types of people are welcome, which makes the study environment so much more interesting and lively."

Helle Nissen Gregersen
student of history
"The Friday bar for history students is great, and as a new student you have every opportunity to get involved, whether as a member of a degree programme committee or on the football team."

Christian Berwald
student of theology
"Establishing a routine is important, and joining a study group .helps a lot – working hard feels much less demanding when the people around you are just as committed."