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EVENT: Danish colonial history - seen from the North Atlantic countries

28. Oktober kl. 14.50-16.00 lokale 1485-123. Alle er velkomne!

The event is a collaboration of Nordisk Seminar and the research center NAU: Nordic Research at Aarhus University. The seminar is the second in the series "Nordic Borders and New Geographies" that started in the spring of 2022. The seminar series explores how the land-based and maritime borders of Denmark and the Nordic region have changed and continue to change in line with political agreements and events. Are the drawing of borders and the striving for autonomy a mutual process? How do perspectives differ depending on the location on any side of a border or ocean?

A presentation by the co-editors and authors of Denmark and the New North Atlantic. Narratives and Memories in a Former Empire (2020), Ann-Sofie Nielsen Gremaud (Háskóli Íslands, Reyjavík), Bergur Rønne Moberg (Københavns Universitet) og Kirsten Thisted (Københavns Universitet).

What is NAU?

NAU was established in January 2019 to provide a focus point for Norden-related activities across different departments in the Schools of Communication and Culture (CC) and Culture and Society (CAS). NAU aims to engage critically with ideas about the Nordic region and Nordic exceptionalism. We understand Norden as a flexible space and seek to interrogate its meanings and boundaries, working in co-operation with colleagues at AU, in ReNEW and beyond. 

The initiative arose out of AU’s participation in the Nordic University Hub ReNEW – Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World. ReNEW aims to stimulate new research on the Nordic region in the context of evolving global challenges, bringing together six universities across the Nordic region. ReNEW is led by the Centre for Nordic Studies at University of Helsinki and funded by NordForsk for six years 2018-2023.

NAU blev grundlagt i januar 2019 for at skabe et fokus på Nordiske aktiviteter på forskellige afdelinger på Institutter for Kommunikation og Kultur (CC) og Kultur og Samfund (CAS). NAU søger at arbejde kritisk med ideer om den nordiske region og nordisk exceptionalisme. Vi forstår Norden som et fleksibelt rum og udforsker dets betydninger og grænser ved at samarbejde med kollegaer på AU, i ReNEW og i resten af verden.

Initiativet opstod ved AU's deltagelse i Nordic University Hub ReNEW – Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World. Ved at samle seks universiteter på tværs af Norden vil ReNEW fremme ny forskning i den nordiske region i relation til nye globale udfordringer. ReNEW er ledet af Center for Nordiske Studier på Helsinki Universitet og finansieret af NordForsk i seks år 2018-2023.

ReNEW (Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World) aims at developing path-breaking research on the Nordic region within a challenging global context. Promoting mobility, exchange, high-level conferences and education, it brings together six Nordic universities in one strategic hub, with world-wide connections.   

ReNEW (Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World) tilstræber at udvikle banebrydende forskning i den nordiske region indenfor en global kontekst. Ved at styrke mobilitet, udveksling, konferencer og uddannelse, bringer organisationen seks nordiske lande sammen i en strategisk hub med globale forbindelser.  

nordics.info is an online resource for the dissemination of knowledge about the Nordic region, in English. Nordics.info has been developed as part of ReNEW, in close co-operation with danmarkshistorien. We welcome contributions from AU researchers at all stages of their careers – please contact Nicola Witcombe

nordics.info er en engelsksproget online ressource til udbredelsen af viden om den nordiske region. Nordics.info er udviklet som en del af ReNEW og i tæt samarbejde med danmarkshistorien. Vi tager imod bidrag fra AU-forskere på alle stadier af deres karrierer - kontakt gerne Nicola Witcombe.


Mary Hilson

Professor, Head of Department School of Culture and Society - History, subject

Lill-Ann Körber

Professor School of Communication and Culture - Scandinavian Studies