2014.11.26 | Students, Afd. for Digital Design og Informationsvidenskab

Students´ project to be displayed at an international conference.

Among many other things, the recently finished Media Architectural Biennale, MAB14, also included a presentation of a new installation, designed by students from Media Science, Digital Design and Computer Science.

2014.11.26 | Research

New international journal brings democracy and Cultural participation into focus.

Is contemporary citizen involvement a method of practising local democracy, or is it merely a way of legitimizing a political discourse? This is one of the questions that are being discussed in the first issue of Conjunctions: Transdisciplinary Journal of Cultural Participation.

2014.11.24 | Research

Karina Lykke Grand is rewarded for her knowledge dissemination on Danish art from the Golden Age.

Next Thursday, assistant professor Karina Lykke Grand will receive a grant from Ole Haslund´s Art Foundation, for her innovatory dissemination of knowledge regarding Danish art from the Golden Age.

2014.11.17 | Seminar, Research, Arkæologi

Has one of Harald Bluetooth’s fortresses come to light?

In September 2014, archaeologists from the Danish Castle Centre and Aarhus University announced the discovery of a Viking fortress in a field belonging to Vallø Manor, located west of Køge on the east coast of Sealand. This was the first discovery of its kind in Denmark in over 60 years. Since then, archaeologists have been waiting impatiently for…

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