2018.02.05 | CHEF

New manager of CHEF

Jakob Williams Ørberg, DPU, Aarhus University, has been appointed half-time manager of the Centre for Higher Education Futures (CHEF) from 1 December 2017 for 2 years.

2018.02.02 | Arkæologi, CAS, Materials, Culture and Heritage

Introduction of Nikoline Sauer Petersen

New PhD student in the project Excavation of Julius Caesar’s Forum in Rome.

2018.02.02 | CHEF

Cris Shore has been appointed a visiting professor

Professor Cris Shore of Auckland University has been appointed a CHEF visiting professor for the next 18 months.

2018.01.24 | Arts

International conference on the future of the welfare state

MatchPoints Seminar 2018, 24-26 May is hosted by Aarhus University and Aarhus Municipality. Meet among others James Heckman, American winner of the Nobel Prize, and the two robots Norma and Silbot.

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