Guidelines for examiners and co-examiners

Tasks for co-examiners

Receive written exam assignments/conduct exams

A secretary from Aarhus University will inform you of the dates of exams. Exams must always comply with the requirements of the relevant academic regulations and ministerial order.

Digital exams

Aarhus University is currently implementing digital exams. If any of the exams you will be assessing are going to be conducted digitally, you will be informed of the fact by email.

If you have any questions, you can find contacts for your subjects here:

How to register marks

All examination results must be entered online by examiners and co-examiners. Please ask the secretary responsible for the subject concerned if you have any questions. For help with technical support or login problems, please contact STADS & EDDI support.

Travel allowances

Any travel expenses incurred in connection with being a co-examiner can be refunded.

If you have lost your documentation of the expenses you have incurred, you need to fill in a Statement of Truth

Aarhus University covers travel expenses corresponding to the cheapest form of standard travel using public transport.
If you need overnight accommodation, you must use AU’s hotel agreements.


Aarhus University will pay you for the exams you have assessed. You can find a variety of forms below; but unless you are asked to use these forms, you will be paid automatically.

Chair of co-examiners

Appointments to the body of co-examiners administered by AU

The first step in becoming a co-examiner is that you need to be appointed to a body of co-examiners. Appointments are made once every four years, and the next time is in 2018. If you are asked to become a co-examiner at any other time, you can still apply to be appointed ad hoc using the form below.

If you are to be appointed to a body of co-examiners which is not affiliated with AU, you should contact the chair of co-examiners or his/her secretariat. See List of bodies of co-examiners(In Danish)

Ministerial orders

Co-examiner reports

Each semester, after completing the exams, the chair of the co-examiners must be given a report of how the exams went.

Danish versions:

If your subject does not have a body of co-examiners administered by AU, you can find the necessary contact information at list of bodies of co-examiners. (In Danish)

Cheating at exams

Rules, procedures and sanctions, general information, and templates for reporting a student for possible cheating. Cases of cheating at exams at AU are handled by Educational Law at AU.

Complaints and appeals