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Maja Bak Herrie is postdoc at School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University (AU). She received her PhD from the Faculty of Arts at AU in 2019 for her dissertation on the aesthetics and culture of modern data processing and digital knowledge production.

She works within the fields of aesthetics, media theory, and the philosophy of science on topics such as computational technologies of vision, scientific imaging, photography, and artistic research.

Her monograph Thinking Through Data: How Outliers, Aggregates, and Patterns Shape Perception is forthcoming at Stanford University Press. Her work (individually and collectively) has been published in journals such as Leonardo, Big Data & Society, MAST: The Journal of Media Art Study and Theory, and Journal of Aesthetics and Culture.

Moreover, she is editor (with Tobias Dias) of the Nordic Journal of Aesthetics.

She is currently working on the research project NEW VISIONS: Image cultures in the era of AI with Lotte Philipsen (PI) and Lea Laura Michelsen (funded by Aarhus University Research Foundation). Many of the activities in this project is also connected to the Centre for Aesthetics of AI Images which she is a co-founder of.

Moreover, Herrie is member of the research programmes Arts, Aesthetics and Communities and Cultures and Practices of Digital Technologies at Aarhus University. In a nordic context, she is a member of the societies Nordic Society of Aesthetics and Nordic Network of Women in Aesthetics.

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