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Søren R. Fauth


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Søren R. Fauth

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My research interests are expansive, primarily centered on examining the relationship between German-language literature and philosophy from the 18th century to the present. A specific focal point of my research is the impact of the philosopher Schopenhauer on a diverse range of literary works, encompassing those of Wilhelm Raabe, Thomas Mann, Thomas Bernhard, Ingeborg Bachmann, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Arno Schmidt, and Franz Kafka. I have translated Schopenhauer's seminal work, "Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung," into Danish. Additionally, my translation endeavors extend to modern German-language drama, including works performed at the Royal Danish Theatre, and a total of 11 books by the Austrian author Thomas Bernhard. In 2021, I was honored with the Jan Sonnergaards mindelegat for my literary contributions, including the publication of 8 volumes of poetry. In 2023, I received the Jacob- und Wilhelm-Grimm-Preis (DAAD) in recognition of my research achievements.

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