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Thu 05 Dec
13:00-16:00 | DPU Emdrup, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 København NV, Bygning D, Lokale 165
Participatory continuous professional development in competent Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)
Seminar arranged by NCS - Skole & Dagtilbud. Speaker is Jan Peeters, Ghent Universitet.
Thu 05 Dec
14:15-17:00 | Kasernen, Aarhus University, Langelandsgade 139, Aarhus C, Building 1584, Room 124
Vadim Keylin: Things to Do with Sound: Towards a Pragmatist Aesthetics of Listening and Soundmaking
Aesthetic Seminar
Fri 06 Dec
13:15-18:00 | Tåsingegade 3, 8000 Aarhus C, Building 1441, Room 112
Ph.d. Defence: Jacco Visser
Friday, 6 December 2019, Jacco Visser, MA, will defend his dissertation "The Bangladesh War from London: A Transnational Approach to Memorializing National Beginnings"
Fri 06 Dec
15:01-16:00 | Aarhus University, Antikmuseet, 8000 Aarhus C
Rethinking the Roman City: Insights from the ‘Empire of 2000 Cities’ Project
John Bintliff (Edinburgh University / Leiden University)
Tue 10 Dec
10:00-12:00 | 1584-212
Anthony Downey: The Future of the Networked Image
Digital Archives and Cultural Activism in a 'Post-Thruth' Age
Tue 10 Dec
10:00-15:00 | 1485-123 (NobelSALEN)
CEDHAR Christmas Showcases and Glögg
If you are wondering what to do the 10th of December between 13:00-15:00, wonder no more! We will celebrate the end of year showcases at CEDHAR. We will have our curiosity awakened in a friendly atmosphere - and there is going to be Glögg
Tue 10 Dec
13:00-16:00 | DPU, Aarhus University, Campus Copenhagen, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 Copenhagen
FKK research seminar: Cultures of wealth, poverty and inequality
Research on economy in the humanities. It’s the Economy, Stupid! The slogan from Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign in the 1990s has resounded in numerous contexts including the humanities. “The economy,” however, is not a fixed entity. Current discussions on green economy and the inclusion of the environment in national accounts for instance attest to the contextual and historical dependence of what the economy is.
Wed 11 Dec
13:00-16:00 | Room 220, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Campus Copenhagen, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 Copenhagen
PERSPECTIVES ON ROBOTS. A Reality Check of Imagined Futures
REELER end-conference with webinar.
Thu 12 Dec
00:00-00:00 | Aarhus
AL(L)ONE - Solitude and what it tells us about Community
Conference, 12-13 December 2019.
Thu 12 Dec
12:00-12:45 | Room 1483-524 (DPU-Lounge), Aarhus University, Nobelparken, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C
Professional development of school principals
Lunch Talks at DPU, Aarhus.

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