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2021.01.26 | Religionsvidenskab

Ricarda Setgmann - New Marie Curie postdoc at the Department for the Study of Religion.

Ricarda Stegmann investigates contemporary Sufi spirituality of the middle classes.

2021.01.26 | Historie og Klassiske Studier

Bogudgivelse: The Death of Tidericus the Organist: Plague and Conspiracy Theory in Hanseatic Visby

Richard Coles nye bog, "The Death of Tidericus the Organist: Plague and Conspiracy Theory in Hanseatic Visby" er netop udgivet med The Viking Society for Northern Research. Læs mere om Richard Cole og hans arbejde.

2021.01.18 | Lecture / talk

Vikingerne og Kapitalisme

Hvad ville en viking have tænkt om kapitalismen? Hvorfor ser vi vikingerne i reklame i dag? Richard Cole diskuterer vikingerne og den kapitalistiske økonomi i en ny podcast med nordics.info.

2021.01.13 | Historie og Klassiske Studier

Marie Hélène van de Ven - New PhD at the Deparment of History and Classical Studies

Marie Hélène will be working on the project: Recontextualising illicitly obtained indigenous art: the Apulian red-figured vases.

2021.01.13 | Arkæologi

Sarah Kerr - New Postdoc at Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies

Sarah will join CAS on 1 February 2021. She will be working on the project: Culture, Heritage and Identities: Impacts of Climate Change in northwest Europe.

2021.01.12 | CHEF

CHEF Online Talks February & March 2021

Programme information on the four upcoming CHEF Online Talks

2021.01.11 | Arts

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

We are afraid to shake each other’s hands, and now spend more time washing and disinfecting our hands than ever before. Is the simple handshake an outmoded form of greeting that is heading for the dust heap of history? Are we starting an era of more permanent social distancing? And will we continue to avoid human contact and accept limitations in…

2020.12.10 | It/teknologi

Teaching Without Bodies

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand. The truth of this Chinese proverb has been put to the test during the Coronavirus, which has turned online teaching into an essential part of our everyday lives. What happens to the learning process when we are unable to meet face-to-face? In this article the…

2020.12.10 | Didaktik

The Corona crisis has been a revelation for schools – but not a revolution

The global school lockdowns caused by the Corona pandemic won’t change our school systems fundamentally. But a number of important issues have become clearer. For instance, even the most avid fans of digital teaching now find it hard to defend this form of teaching in its purest form. These are the conclusions of three researchers, who want us to…

2020.12.04 | Filosofi og Idéhistorie

Nanna Katrine Lüders Kaalund receives a Carlsberg Foundation Reintegration Fellowship

Nanna Katrine Lüders Kaalund has received a Carlsberg Foundation Reintegration Fellowship for the project: "Economizing Science and National Identities: The Royal Greenland Trading Department and the Making of Modern Denmark and Greenland".

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