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2021.06.17 | Filosofi og Idéhistorie

Watch this year's Sløk lecture online

Sløk lecture 2021: Is Humane War Ethical? Leo Tolstoy's Lifelong Skepticism by Samuel Moyn (Yale) is now available online.

2021.06.02 | Debate

Folkemødet 2021

Kom til online foredrag med AU-forskere

[Translate to English:] Sydafrikas første mobile sundhedsprogram "M-health" er et sms-program, der har fokus på mor-barn sundheden. Her er det Bongani (psedonym) fra Khayelitsha, som er det største township på the Cape Flats, som viser Shari hvordan hun spiller musik og videoer på telefonen, når baby skal sove. (Foto: privat)
Mange mødre fra de tidligere townships påtager sig et stort ansvar for deres community. Det kan være, at de laver morgenmad for gadens børn eller at de, som her, har et suppekøkken. (Foto: privat)

2021.06.21 | Research

[Translate to English:] Mor til verdens ende

[Translate to English:] 13.000 km skiller Danmark og Sydafrika, men hvor meget adskiller moderrollen sig mellem det kolde Nord og det varme Syd? Hvordan sætter klima, kultur og historie sine aftryk på moderskabet? Det har en forsker i antropologi undersøgt i Cape Town

2021.05.31 | CHEF


Opportunities and education in networked innovation for new graduates with PhDs using open online resources

2021.06.11 | Arkæologi

Søren Michael Sindbæk Appointed Professor

Søren Michael Sindbæk has been appointed professor of the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies effective from August 1, 2021.

2021.06.11 | Arts

Felix Riede Appointed Professor

Felix Riede has been appointed professor of the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies effective from August 1, 2021.

Foto af Birthe Vembye

2021.05.25 | Arts

Isabelle Torrance first recipient of the Victor Albeck Award 2021

Professor Isabelle Torrance from Aarhus University is awarded the Victor Albeck Award for her excellent contribution to developing the field of ‘Classical Reception Studies’.

2021.05.10 | CHEF

Research for impact: Integrating research and societal impact in the humanities PhD

Presentation of the project framework by Dr Søren S.E. Bengtsen, on the PhD course ‘Empiriværkstedet’ on April 22, 2021.

2021.05.05 | Familie, opdragelse, hverdagsliv

Long live the family

The nuclear family still seems to exist as an ideal, but in reality it is under threat. It often ends in tears, and yet we keep re-inventing it. What are the consequences for the children who have to get used to living in new, blended families? And can we organise our society in a smarter way to help make families more viable? Asterisk has been…

2021.05.05 | Familie, opdragelse, hverdagsliv

When parenting goes too far

Upper-middle class parents in the USA invest huge amounts of time and money in their children’s school and recreational activities. The aim is to pave the path leading to a good education and a rosy future. And even though we Danes have free and equal access to education, examples of intensive parenting are not unknown here – particularly in…

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Mon 14 Jun
09:00-15:00 |
Evaluering af kulturinitiativers sundhedsfremmende potentialer
14.-15. juni + 24. juni 2021
Wed 23 Jun
10:00-13:00 | Webinar online
Critical Data Studies: Fermenting Data
Webinar online
Thu 24 Jun
14:00-16:00 | Aarhus University via Zoom
Alexandria’s urban fortifications under Mamluk and Ottoman rule
Dr Kathrin Machinek (CEAlex/CNRS)
Mon 28 Jun
09:00-16:30 | Online (Zoom)
European Universities in a Shifting Global Context
A combined workshop/PhD course explores how challenges to the role of universities in European integration are taking place in a shifting global context. 28-30 June 2021 9.00-16.30
Tue 29 Jun
14:00-17:00 | Aarhus University via Zoom
PhD Defence: Rowan Jackson
A Natural Experimental Approach to Vulnerability, Resilience and Adaptation in Historic Greenland
Wed 30 Jun
14:00-17:00 | Aarhus University, online via zoom
PhD Defence: Oliver Quick
Sympathizing and Empathizing With the Robotic Other
Wed 28 Jul
10:00-17:00 | Aarhus Universsity
Medievalism and the North
The aim of this interdisciplinary conference is to explore constructions of the medieval North across genres and media from the Nordic renaissance in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to the present.
Wed 11 Aug
09:00-17:00 | Aarhus, Denmark
NACS-XIII 2021: ‘From far and wide’: Cultures, memories and identities in Canada
Thu 12 Aug
13:00-16:30 | Aarhus University, room tbc
Impact – What it is and how to think about it in your research? A workshop with David Budtz Pedersen
CT’s summer seminar focuses on the societal impact of research: What is it, and how can we think about, describe and document the impact of our research?
Mon 16 Aug
10:00-17:00 | Maltfabrikken, Ebeltoft, Denmark
Creative Tastebuds Symposium
Art, science, innovation and gastronomy meet in an interdisciplinary symposium: How can we use our sense of taste to make new and better choices? And can we rely on taste to guide us well?

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