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New head of the School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University

Marie Vejrup Nielsen will serve as acting head of the School of Culture and Society when Andreas Roepstorff steps down on 15 May 2023.

Andreas Roepstorff has announced his resignation as head of school. He will return to the position of deputy head of school for research to focus on the further development of research at the school in collaboration with the members of the academic environments.

“I have been very pleased with my collaboration with Andreas in his role as head of school, and I’m sorry to see him leave the faculty management team. Andreas has played a valuable role in our work to consolidate the faculty and the school’s activities,” says Dean Johnny Laursen.

Andreas Roepstorff took up the position as head of school on 1 April 2022. He has focused particularly on supporting the already strong research profile of the school.

“Lately, I’ve had to carefully consider how best to focus my efforts.
 Under the current circumstances, I find it challenging to support the research agenda to the degree I wanted and hoped to be able to as the head of school. Consequently, I’m withdrawing from my position to return to the position of deputy head of school for research. In the past year, I have gained a deep insight into the strengths, competencies and potential, not least, of close collaboration across academic environments. I look forward to putting in a committed effort towards the realisation of this potential,” says Andreas Roepstorff.

Marie Vejrup Nielsen is new acting head of school

Marie Vejrup Nielsen will take up the position as acting head of school until 30 November 2024. As the current deputy head of school and a former union representative, Marie knows the school in depth and is already deeply involved in the school’s planned adjustments.

“I look forward to continue our work in these times of change for the faculty and for our school. It’s important that we maintain the course we have set, and that we preserve the strengths of our school –our excellence in education, research and administration– and our ability to collaborate,” says Marie Vejrup Nielsen. “Collaboration will also be a must in the strong, new management team.”

Marie is an associate professor of the study of religion at the School of Culture and Society. Her research focuses on contemporary Christianity in Denmark with a particular focus on the Church of Denmark as a religious community. She gives lectures and teaches on the subject of the Church of Denmark in many different contexts.

“I’m very pleased that Marie has accepted the position, and I look forward to welcoming her in the faculty management team. With Marie’s great commitment and knowledge about the school, she is the right person to help solve the challenges we face as a result of the reduction in student numbers, the degree programme resizing and the uncertainty about our Master’s degree programmes. I’m fully convinced we will continue to have a strong and unified school management team," says Dean Johnny Laursen.

Marie Vejrup Nielsen will serve as acting head of school until the autumn of 2024 when the process of recruiting a new head of school is expected to be completed.

Andreas Roepstorff will continue as deputy head of school for research. Kirstine Helboe Johansen will take up the position as deputy head of school for staff and organisation in addition to her current position as head of the Department of Theology.