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2020.11.19 | CHEF

The ethical and playful university

A conversation between Research Professor Neil Selwyn and Associate Professor Rikke Toft Nørgård.

Dr. Alex Mosely on Playfulness. (Screenshot from CHEF Talk: Leading Playfully).

2020.11.15 | CHEF

CHEF Talk: Leading Playfully

Dr. Alex Mosely, Head of Curriculum Enhancement, University of Leicester, UK, was the invited speaker at the CHEF Talk on October 27th on the topic ‘Leading Playfully’.

2020.10.29 | Grant

CollaboLearn: Playful Learning for Life

New grant from the Velux Foundation to Langagerskolen and the Interacting Minds Centre

2020.10.07 | News from the management

New Deputy Heads of School at the School of Culture and Society

Head of School Bjarke Paarup has appointed two new Deputy Heads of School. Professor Andreas Roepstorff and Associate Professor Marie Vejrup Nielsen are looking forward to becoming part of the school management team.

2020.10.05 | Filosofi og Idéhistorie

Benjamin Christensen - New PhD at the Department of Philosophy and History of Ideas

Benjamin will be working on the project: Is value a matter of complexity? An investigation into the naturalization of value.

Photo: Colourbox

2020.09.25 | Grant

Researchers from ARTS receive grant from the Velux Foundation

Fabula-NET: A Deep Neural Network for Automated Multidimensional Assessment of Literacy Fiction and Narratives

2020.09.24 | Filosofi og Idéhistorie

Mads Hansen - New PhD at the Department of Philosophy and History of Ideas

Mads will be working on the project: Constructing a Theory of Sentience Using Gradualism, Process Ontology, and Organisational Constraints.

2020.09.24 | Antropologi

Lasse Bech knudsen - New PhD at the Department of Anthropology

Lasse will be working on the project: Future-Proofing: Theorising the Effort to Know and Govern for Future Climate Risks in the Scottish Civil Service.

2020.11.04 | Asterisk 95

A new perspective on John Hattie

What happens when an educational philosopher from the Danish School of Education at Aarhus University travels to Australia with a bag full of critical questions for the man who invented the concept of visible learning? He meets a different version of John Hattie, a man who can discuss not only learning effects, but also equality, justice, and even…

Picture from the talk by Alison James with reference to play in the pandemic. Picture from: Pixabay.

2020.09.16 | CHEF

Philosophy and play in higher education

The Centre for Higher Education Futures has launched its series of CHEF Talks for the current semester.

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