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The Qur’an: A Word of God for Christians Too?

Together with a muslim Phd-student from Paderborn University, Professor Klaus von Stosch will give a lecture on comparative theology on 21.th of November at 10.00 – 12.00 AM The meeting will take place at Aarhus University building 1485-226

01.11.2019 | Rikke Bjørn Jensen

Dato tor 21 nov
Tid 10:00 12:00
Sted Aarhus University building 1485-226

In his contribution the comparative theologian Klaus von Stosch will develop an aesthetic access to the Qur’anic which allows the Qur’anic claim to unconditionality to be formulated in such a way that it simultaneously withstands the questions of reason and has important things to say to Christians. At the same time, Qur’anic aesthetic hermeneutics opens up a definition of the relationship between revelation and reason which is in harmony with the Islamic tradition and also up to date, and which can be reconstructed within the framework of a dialogic-communicative understanding of revelation. But does this mean that the Qur'an might be a word of God also for Christians? Is it possible to see something divine even in those passages which seem to contradict Christianity? The talk wants to explore possible responses to these questions with a special focus on the Qur'anic treatment of Jesus Christ.

More information contact:

Professor, Peter Lodberg teopl@cas.au.dk

PhD-stud, Steen Skovsgaard steen.1952@cas.au.dk

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