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Theory Lab: “The Perception Machine”

Organized by AIIM, Centre for Aesthetics of AI Images at Aarhus University.

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Tirsdag 5. marts 2024,  kl. 14:15 - 16:00


Kasernen, Building 1580, room 249

Joanna Zylinska’s book “The Perception Machine: Our Photographic Future between the Eye and AI” came out Nov. 2023 (MIT Press). In this theory lab, Lotte Philipsen shortly presents some of the book’s main points and highlights what she finds of particular interest in the book. This is followed by an open discussion that offers rooms for other relevant aspects of the volume. “The Perception Machine” is online HERE.

We have coffee/tea and sweets. Everybody is welcome but please sign up by accepting calendar invitation or by email to Lotte Philipsen, lottephilipsen@c.au.dk (if you wish to attend online, please mail Lotte to receive a ZOOM-link, no sharing or recording)

Organized by AIIM, Centre for Aesthetics of AI Images at Aarhus University.