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CHEF Talk: Leading Playfully

Dr. Alex Mosely, Head of Curriculum Enhancement, University of Leicester, UK, was the invited speaker at the CHEF Talk on October 27th on the topic ‘Leading Playfully’.

15.11.2020 | Søren Baltzer

Dr. Alex Mosely on Playfulness. (Screenshot from CHEF Talk: Leading Playfully).

Dr. Mosely began the talk playfully by letting the participants guess where he was situated based on his virtual background in Zoom (changed his camera background into a view from inside the Oslo Opera House).

Playfulness is an alternative to formal and top-down leadership approaches – whether in business or in higher education. Instead of leadership involving a subject conquering another subject (the antidialogical action), leadership can rely on cooperation and dialogue (the dialogical action).

Dr. Mosely presented 6 Playful Leadership Principles to apply when becoming a playful leader:

Dr. Mosely summarized his talk by highlighting three Playful Principles that pull everything together: Openness, accepting failure, and engagement.

Dr. Mosely concluded his talk by emphasizing that by keeping these three Playful Leadership Principles in mind across all areas of leadership activity: “it’s almost impossible not to become more playful in your outlook”.